Get The Facts

  • Almost 1 million Californians, from all walks of life, came together and signed the petition to see the gas tax repealed this November.
  • Proposition 6 will REPEAL the Gas/Car Tax, which added 12 cents per gallon on gasoline, 20 cents per gallon on diesel, and up to $175 in annual car licenses fees.
  • Prop. 6 also requires voter approval for any future gas tax increases.
  • Californians pay 95.5 cents per gallon in taxes and fees. That’s an average of $17 per fill-up!
  • California gas prices are already the second highest in the nation (behind Hawaii), and are projected to reach over $4 a gallon in a few years due to new fees imposed by the State Legislature.
  • California has a $16 billion budget surplus, but the Legislature and Governor chose to raise gas taxes and use the budget surplus money elsewhere.
  • If pre-existing transportation taxes and fees were spent on transportation costs (as they should be), California would have $5.6 billion annually for transportation projects.
  • The gas tax will cost the average California middle class family over $700 per year in new taxes and fees.
  • The cost of living in California is already too high. This new gas/car tax makes our state even more unaffordable for working families already struggling to get by.